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2012 Gen 1 Ford Raptor

We equipped this Raptor with Fox 3.0 Coil Overs , SVC Billet Upper Control Arms and SDHQ Spindle Gussets in the front. For the rear we added Fox 3.0 bypasses and Deaver +2 Leaf Springs. This truck now sits on 17 inch Method Race Wheels with 35 inch tires, ready for adventure beyond the pavement!


While the Ford Raptor comes equipped from the factory with Fox shocks, like anything, time and miles take their toll on them and if you are like the majority of us Raptor owners, you want something that you can adjust and setup for your usage and driving style. 3.0 Coil-overs make for an excellent upgrade to any Ford Raptor. Increased cooling capacity and wheel travel, improved handling and unparalleled comfort are just a few key features to consider when upgrading the suspension on your Ford Raptor. We carry some of the most known brands in the industry such as FOX, King and Icon Vehicle Dynamics. Each of these manufacturers have worked on producing a true upgrade that still fits in the factory location. With products backed by years of research and development you can’t go wrong with one of these three brands. Whether you’re looking to tear up the desert or just looking for a smooth ride and a clean look, we can get you on the road and ready for whatever comes across your path. If you are looking for best suspension kit near me, Diesel Tech is the best option for you.


Bypasses are another common and excellent upgrade to the rear of your Ford Raptor. While they can be added to the front, we are going to discuss the benefits of replacing the factory rear shocks with them for now. The bypass shock gives you the ultimate control over your ride. FOX, King and Icon Vehicle Dynamics all utilize an external bypass shock for the rear of their Raptor packages. This allows for you to make compression and rebound adjustments without the disassembly of the shock. While each of these companies have done an outstanding job setting these shocks for the Ford Raptor, having the ability to adjust your shocks for your application and use is always a nice option.